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Come see Ooh Ahh's showdown in the belly of the beast, The Livonia Spree.

OOH AHH TRIBUTE : Headlining The Livonia Spree Battle Of The Bands
Tuesday * June 19th * 2012
9:45 PM, Eastern Standard Time

Come early, ride rides, eat eats, drink drinks, and then join us at The Brighthouse Tent right around 10:00 PM.

Come see us defend the title that is rightfully ours....
"Masters and Esteemed Champions of The Livonia Spree Battle Of The Bands."

The Story Of Ooh Ahh Tribute:

Ooh Ahh, the award winning rock band, had been dismantled. 2/5ths of the band moved accross the country. The other 3/5ths had been busy (1) getting a doctorate, (2) finding a girlfriend, and (3) beating criminal charges brought by the federal government.

"But at a time when destiny calls and teenage metal bands from Livonia threaten the natural order of all that is good in the world, Ooh Ahh will rise again."

So says the Ooh Ahh prophecy, written on the back of an envelope by Iden's mom. That time has come. Though the band has split, new warriors and old friends have stepped forward to bare Ooh Ahh's burdens. The band returns in a new form...

Ooh Ahh Tribute

We will drive our decade old vehicles into the heart of Livonia and strike at the source of all evil, a family carnival battle of the bands, held on a Tuesday night. BE THERE!


Last you heard, Ooh Ahh was taking a break from live shows to go into the studio. That was 7 months ago. Well, congratulate us because we're pregnant with a little 5 song EP. It's in its third trimester and in a few more months it will be born and you can hold it. You just have to wait a little longer... You've lost all interest, haven't you? Well, don't. It's going ot be great. Studio grade versions of all of your favorite Ooh Ahh songs. Hits like MEAN MR MUSTARD, HOT FOR TEACHER, and EVERYBODY (BACKSTREET'S BACK).

So don't give up hope! Please, don't give up hope!


Ooh Ahh is taking a break from touring while we head into the studio. No, a real studio. We are recording six Ooh Ahh favorites to be distributed online in the coming months. While you wait patiently, here are a few AMAZING videos of recent performances from Ooh Ahh @ Vimeo.

Film work by friends of Ooh Ahh, Matt Watson and Lauren Nassar.
Director and editor, Iden Baghdadchi.
Key grip, Andrew Whitehouse DeOrio.

As always, full albums are free and available in the form of streaming MP3s or download.

Head on over to our MUSIC page and click the fake album art. You'll be presented with streaming MP3s for each song and a link to download the whole album to play on your computer or portable music device (WHENEVER YOU WANT).

Stay tuned for more videos, more recordings, and more of our signature charm(?).


Release The Dragons

Click THIS LINK and listen to streaming MP3s of Ooh Ahh's brand new 12-song album, Release The Dragons, or click the link below to download a .zip file containing the MP3s for listening on your portable music device! FREE OF CHARGE.

Ooh Ahh : Release The Dragons

For your convenience, here are links to the .zip files for all of our other albums.
Download them all right now!

Ooh Ahh LIVE @ The Belmont

3720 to 1

These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For

Why Aren't You At Your Post (Early Ooh Ahh Demos)

P.S. Don't forget to come and see Ooh Ahh at the Blind Pig on February 9th, 2011. See the announcement below for details.


Ooh Ahh LIVE @ The Belmont

Click THIS LINK and listen to streaming MP3s of Ooh Ahh's latest concert held at The Belmont Bar in Hamtramck, Michigan or click the link below to download a .zip file containing the MP3s for the entire show for listening on your portable music device!

Ooh Ahh Live @ The Belmont Bar.zip


September 10th, 2010

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